Thank you for logging into my webpage!  I feel honored to be visited by you!

My name is Paolo Ficara, and I am the founder of Universal Center for Self Enlightenment and Self Healing, and the author of Journey of a Healer Volumes I, II and III.

The purpose of my work is:


  • To bring light and accessibility to the teachings of Jesus, and the teachings of other enlightened persons.
  • To ignite faith and hope into the heart of every human being.
  • And to bring awareness about God’s and man’s true nature, and their indissoluble bond.

Second, to demonstrate step by step… 

  • The working of our unseen spiritual being: Will, Mind, Creative Power Within, and Emotions.
  • How this unseen spiritual being is solely responsible for all our experiences: good and bad.
  • And how we can heal ourselves and others from spiritual and physical imperfections.

And third… 

  • To explain why prejudice, hate and negative thoughts of any kind are the most deleterious and dangerous enemies of mankind, and responsible for all our problems and misfortunes.
  • To prove why and how prayer, meditation, forgiveness and love — as taught by Jesus as well by all the enlightened men and women throughout history – are our best friends and the most powerful tools at our disposal, capable of helping us find the solution to the problems that often confront us.
  • To show how we can enrich our lives permanently with Joy, success, prosperity, harmony, peace and love.

I Humbly pray that the light of God will always enlighten our path, that all our goals and dreams will be fulfilled and that we will receive the greatest gift of all: Experiencing God’s Divine Love.  

Thank you again for visiting my webpage.  I hope to hear from you in the near future with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have, and I wish you all the best.

God Bless.
Paolo Ficara

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